Un forno a convezione professionale con umidità per la cottura di prodotti da panetteria o pasticceria congelati oppure per la cottura di prodotti semplici come ad esempio la pasta frolla, che non richiede particolari condizioni climatiche durante la cottura con comandi manuali , comandi digitali o touch screen con 2 velocità o inverter, con vapore e con lavaggio

    VENTO 6  

    professional electric oven for medium-big pastry and bakery laboratories and supermarkets. The ovens are made entirely in stainless steel with quality components. 

    With a 90mm space between trays, you can use the Vento ovens to bake taller products without affecting productivity or cooking results. By combining stainless steel, glass, screen printing and technology we hope to reconcile all aesthetic needs making Vento ovens integrate in a variety of production environments.

    Specific functions2 speeds or inverter, automatic preheating, tempered double glass, Ventstop, steam, height-adjustable feet, very sturdy structure


    • MANUAL  (on/off, temperature, time, steam and controllable steam exhaust)

    • ELECTRONIC MANUAL CONTROLS (on/off, temperature, time, steam, steam exhaust + automatic preheating)       

    • DIGITAL with 30 programs

    • 7 inch TOUCH SCREEN with intuitive commands and 90 programs



    The ovens are designed for the tray to be introduced from its narrow side reducing thus the surface covered by the hor air and ensuring an even baking.
    Its particular shape make it an oven suitable for a variety of production environments and furnishing requirements.

    Brushed stainlessteel structure, all glass door with black frame or stainless steel and transparent glass door, knob controls or brightly colored and very responsive touch screen for shops with open cooking or for medium-large pastry laboratories.


    The timed automatic inversion of the fans and the particular shape of the chamber together with the correct preheating and the precision in establishing the baking parameters guarantee a consistently excellent baking result.


    All Vento ovens are equipped with direct steam injection to prevent the products from drying out and to always guarantee excellent cooking results


    Vento satisfies several needs: the structure of the ovens allows them to be assembled or placed one of the other according to the production requirements and space limitations. This enables you to increase the production capacity without changing the interior design.

    Vento 4 + Vento 6 + 7 levels oven support
    Vento 6 + Vento 6 + 4 levels oven support
    Vento 10 + vento 4 + 4 levels oven support

    technical advantages


    • auto reverse motor for uniform baking

    • 7 inch intuitive touch screen with 90 programs

    • lights on the door

    • Ventstop: immediate stop of the fan when the door is opened to reduce the amount of heat and steam going out of the cooking chamber


    internal and external structure in stainless steel AISI 430

    tempered double glass door and snap-catch closing system that facilitates opening even with busy hands


    easy access to electric and electronic components

    quality components to minimize the number of interventions in the life of the oven

    easy to replace silicone gasket


    thanks to the installed power and to the high density pre-compressed rockwool panels than maintain the heat inside the baking chamber.

    Steam is produced using the amount of water strictly necessary to avoid waste or high consumption.


    VENTO 6 40X60 - 45X65 40X80
    number of trays 6 x 40x60 /45x65
                6 x  40x80
     external dimensions -  WxDxH
    mm 875x1185x810     mm 875x1350x810
    power supply 380V - 3N - 50/60Hz 380V - 3N - 50/60Hz
    power 9 kW 9 kW
    motors  1 with auto reverse 1 with auto reverse
    space between trays 90 mm 90 mm
    water connection        1 x G 3/4"
            1 x G 3/4" 
    water pressure 2-6 bar   (200-600 kPa)
    2-6 bar    (200-600 kPa)
    steam adjustable adjustable
     fan speed
    1 speed  
    2 speeds  (mod. TF & TC)
    inverter  (mod. TF & TC)  
    1 speed 
    2 speeds (mod. TF & TC)
    inverter (mod. TF & TC) 
    forno a convezione 6 teglie 40x60 o 6 teglie 40x80 con lavaggio e panello comandi elettromeccanico  con cella di lievitazione con manopole e cappa di aspirazione vapore in uscita dalla camera di cottura o dalla porta


    cella lievitazione per forni a convezione professionali con comandi manuali con vapore, tempo e temperatura

    7X2 levels - 1.6kW -230V
    Demo Logo

    7 levels
    Demo Logo

    Demo Logo

    0.09 kW -230V
    Demo Logo


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